A note from the president

Dear Donor,

Thank you for supporting Maximum Impact Mission Ventures.  As a charity organization, we are committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged people.   

The disadvantaged people are people without power, money, or other means of influence. We endeavor to empower them. We believe there is a solution to this problem. Since disadvantaged people come from generations of poverty, so we will provide a good education and mentoring to them. Our programs will provide food, shelter, healthcare, tutoring, spiritual and professional education to the disadvantaged in Northeastern Haiti. 

Our work is dependent upon the generous giving of people like  you. Thank you again for giving! 


Dr. W. Ruben Exantus, Ph.D


When you give, you can specify where you want your support to go. You can support us monthly for the overall mission impact, an individual for short term mission trip to Haiti, or the Maximum Impact Mission Ventures Endowment. 


When giving, you may support an individual or mission trip. Please specify which trip you would like your funds to support and which individual you are supporting.


Endowment: A donation of money or property to our organization for its ongoing support.

Maximum Impact Mission endowment assets will be invested. Each year, a portion of the value of the fund will be paid out to support the organization’s purpose. Any earnings in excess of its distribution shall be used to build the fund's market value. This will allow the endowment fund to grow and continually provide support for its designated purpose.

Give as your heart desires

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve people's lives. Your generous donation will fund our mission. Thank You!

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